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Decades ago, someone like you decided to give another woman the ultimate gift: a chance at motherhood. This was the beginning of the RMA Long Island IVF Donor Egg Program, which led to the first baby born on Long Island from a donated egg in 1996.

Since that time, RMA Long Island IVF has continued in its commitment to expertly match donor eggs with deserving couples. To date, we have helped over 5,000 hopeful parents fulfill their family-building dreams through the generous actions of young women like yourself.

Hear a Long Island mother's story

Thanks to the generosity of anonymous egg donors, thousands of women and men have become parents through our egg donation program. Through the process, we have come to know and appreciate an amazing group of young women who have selflessly given of themselves.

How it Works >

To be accepted as an egg donor at RMA Long Island IVF, an applicant must submit an application, be fully screened medically, know her family's medical history and successfully complete a psychological screening.

Compensation >

We recognize that egg donation may be emotionally and physically challenging. Donors will receive monetary compensation for their time and generosity.


We've been perfecting this process since 1988, keeping both the egg recipients' and the egg donors' needs in mind. Here are some of the questions that we hear most often.

Become a Donor >

Our expert team of nurses and counselors are here to support your decision to donate and can help you make sense of any concerns that you may have. Get started by reaching out. Once you are ready to move forward, download the application form.

LI IVF Melville Location

Our Locations

Your journey as an egg donor will begin at our main office in Melville. Monitoring appointments are available at any of our convenient locations. With multiple offices throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties and in Garden City, chances are we're close to your neighborhood.