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Safeguarding Frozen Embryos, Eggs and Sperm

April 9, 2018 - We are mindful of the importance of the job we do at RMA Long Island IVF and we understand how concerned you might be after hearing about the unprecedented storage tank incidents at fertility clinics in Ohio and California. To note that such tank malfunctions are extremely rare does little to comfort those patients who were unfortunate enough to have suffered such heartbreaking losses.

We understand from a clinical standpoint what you went through to create your frozen embryos. We also understand on a more personal level, as several members of our team are also IVF patients—some with embryos in the same freezers as yours.

Here are the measures that we employ at Long Island IVF to safeguard your frozen embryos:

Your frozen embryos, eggs, and sperm are protected 24/7 by multi-level security systems designed to safeguard them from dangerous temperature fluctuations. Our cryopreservation tanks have double alarm systems which monitor both the temperature within the tanks as well as the level of liquid nitrogen used as the coolant.

If there is an issue, the alarm system not only sounds in the lab, but also sends alerts to our lab director or designated on-call lab personnel at any time of day or night, so that someone is always informed about the status of the cryogenic tanks. As an extra precaution, the alarm systems have both battery as well as generator backup systems.

In addition to this double alarm security system, each tank in our IVF Lab is also visually monitored by lab personnel (an embryologist or an andrologist) every day, including weekends. Finally, the cryopreservation tanks and their backup and monitoring systems, as well as the IVF Laboratory itself, undergo routine and rigorous inspections for third party accreditation organizations in accordance with industry standards.

Thank you for putting your trust in RMA Long Island IVF. If you have any questions or concerns about embryo and gamete storage, we encourage you to contact the main office directly at 1-877-838-2229.