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Support IVF Insurance Coverage in New York

If you’re reading this, the chances are that your life has been touched directly or indirectly the diseases of infertility and/or cancer. The biggest obstacle for most infertility patients is financial. Lack of insurance coverage for in vitro fertilization IVF means that many New Yorkers are unable to access the assisted reproductive technologies necessary for them to start a family. Many people cannot afford to self-pay for IVF and those who do often take on significant debt to finance their infertility treatment.

All that is poised to change. Finally. With your help. Today.

You’ve heard us mention this legislation and we are finally at a turning point! On May 15th The New York State Assembly passed the bill and it has now moved on for consideration by the New York Senate. The time to act is right now—before the Senate breaks this month. Your senators want and need to know where you stand on this important issue and that you expect their support.

One click is all it takes to tell your senator to support the Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act (“FAFTA”) S.8841/S.3148A–legislation that will help New Yorkers build their families if they are diagnosed with infertility or with cancer or other conditions that may cause infertility.

FAFTA would update New York’s insurance law to include coverage for in vitro fertilization (“IVF”) and for fertility preservation (like egg-freezing) for those diagnosed with cancer.

One click takes you to a pre-written email letter created by our friends and infertility advocates at The Coalition to Help Families Struggling with Infertility, which represents a broad range of individuals and groups including Resolve, The National Infertility Association and the Long Island Breast Cancer Coalition. All you do is input your name and address. Click send and it will automatically be sent to your senator based on your address. Nothing to look up. Just two clicks. Two minutes and you’re done. You’ll be part of the movement. And you will feel proud and empowered.

But if you’re feeling like a super advocate after that and you’d like more information on what additional actions you can take to further push FAFTA through, RESOLVE has more information here. There is a similarly streamlined way to call your senator—including his/her phone number and a phone script of exactly what to say!

Encourage your senator to support this important, life-changing legislation before the session adjourns this month.

Seriously, please do it now. Because lack of money and lack of insurance coverage shouldn’t stand in the way of anyone’s dream of having a family.

Thank you for joining us in supporting legislation that will remove financial obstacles to infertility and fertility-preservation treatment so we can help you– and future generations of infertile couples—fulfill your dreams of becoming parents.