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Don't Miss Long Island IVF's Free Donor Egg Seminar Tonight

Having trouble getting pregnant or staying pregnant? Thinking about exploring the Long Island IVF Donor Egg Program, but don’t know where to begin—or if you even have the focus and energy left to pursue this next step?

Well, Long Island IVF has the perfect seminar for you tonight, Tuesday, October 23, 2018 where we will answer all of your questions. No pressure—just lots of information and emotional support. So you can make an informed decision about a family-building option that has made all the difference for many happy parents who were once feeling the same way you likely feel right now.

Your knowledge and hope may grow as you hear presentations by Long Island IVF’s Donor Egg Program Director, Dr. Steven Brenner, Donor Egg Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Vicky Loveland, R.N., and Aviva Zigelman, L.C.S.W.

But here is the real unique and special thing about this seminar…

You will hear the story of a previously successful recipient who created her family using donor eggs! Imagine how incredibly moving and valuable that would be if you are a considering using an egg donor.

You can hear from --and talk to-- a woman who was once in your shoes. A woman who suffered through disappointments and losses many others don’t understand—but maybe you do.

Donor egg moms typically didn’t start out choosing that option—they only got there later in their infertility journey. Much later. And for them, it was the step they needed to take.

Is it your next step?

After you take in all this information, you’ll be happy to know that there is no waiting list for egg donors at Long Island IVF. Pre-screened anonymous egg donors are ready to help you when you’re ready to choose this course of treatment. Or, your cycle can be coordinated with a donor of your choosing.

Relax and get your questions answered in a caring and supportive environment. See if donor egg is right for you.

The Donor Egg Seminar takes place tonight, Tuesday October 23, 2013 at 7:00 pm at Long Island IVF’s office at 8 Corporate Center Drive, Melville, New York.

Everyone is welcome. Register here.