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Virtual Event: How to Become an Egg Donor

Are you interested in becoming an egg donor? Join us for this virtual event on April 7th at 7:30PM EST to learn more about who qualifies, what the process entails, and what compensation you can expect when you donate eggs with RMA Long Island IVF.


During the event, you'll learn:

  • What the Egg Donation Process Looks Like
  • Who Qualifies to Become an Egg Donor
  • How to Apply to Become an Egg Donor
  • Egg Donation Compensation Rates for RMA Long Island IVF


PLUS: We're actively looking for egg donors to help us build future families! If you're interested in becoming an egg donor, this is your chance to get to know more about our caring, compassionate team that will partner with you throughout the process.

After the virtual event, you'll have a chance to schedule a personal, one-on-one consultation with a member of our team to see if you qualify. Start pursuing a brighter future today by helping tomorrow's parents.


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